10 Creative Outdoor Living Space Ideas

As we enter the sunlit days of summer, it’s only right that we should spend some time sprucing up those outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a patio, deck, walking garden, gazebo or other outdoor living space, there are simple things you can do to spruce it up and add a different feel this summer.

Here are a few creative ways you can change your outdoor living space this year:

  1. Arrange seating for two. Fire pits and picnic tables are fine for large gatherings, but this year why not create a more romantic niche? Consider a small table-umbrella combo, set up a couple of comfortable fabric lawn chairs, and enjoy the sunset hand in hand.
  2. Create a respite from the sun. Having a large tree that provides cover is good, but most of us aren’t patient enough to wait years for it to grow. Consider setting up a simple canopy to turn just about any outside space into a living space.
  3. Build a floating deck. A deck next to the house is fine, but one that can move around the yard and follow the sun is even better. Consider creating a floating deck built from four foot square sections that can be moved and rearranged all over your yard. Wicker chairs make a nice complement to this floating deck idea.
  4. Install a water feature. Just because you don’t live on a lake doesn’t mean you can’t have a backyard water paradise. A simple stack of pots and a pump can create the sound of the beach in a three foot wide area.
  5. Put up some party lights. Lights on a strand can go well across the slats of your porch trellis. Choose summer shades of yellow and light blues to add to the overall mood.
  6. Place potted plants in unconventional spots. Anyone can have a planter on the steps; consider putting yours as the centerpiece to your outdoor table. You can even create a miniature garden with several potted plants set in a boxed planter full of pebbles. If you’re concerned about home security, you can even use these unconventional locations to install one or more of your home security cameras.
  7. Make furniture fit your world. Rather than building a garden bench, why not head off to the local lumber yard and build a bench that encircles that majestic oak in the back yard?
  8. Move the chandelier outdoors. Instead of taking up table space for your lighting, consider hanging miniature glass lanterns from your patio table umbrella.
  9. Put together an outdoor breakfast nook. A small space with peat gravel, a nice café table and a couple of chairs will make you think you’re having breakfast in the South of France, rather than in South Dakota.
  10. Move your patio to the shore. If you live on the lake or have a pond, create a patio area down near the water for a much more breathtaking view of things.

Summertime is time to rethink your living spaces. Do something daring, and try one of these ideas this summer!